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Bunkabus Roadtrips
Take a road trip with friends and wake up to a new destination every day. Sleep onboard the bunkabus and travel through the night.
No matter where you are going, from celebrating sports events, funky festival accommodation, party tours and educational trips, a unique group travel adventure awaits everyone onboard.
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Bunkabus Bunkabus

Bunkabus Bunkabus

Bunkabus Bunkabus

Bunkabus Bunkabus

Bunkabus Bunkabus
Bring your group away!
travel & accommodation
festivals, cultural trips, sports events
4 peaks, kitesurfing

Never mind the weather

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Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life. ~ Jack Kerouac
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bunkabus - europe's greatest road trip adventures

To Mick, Jane & Steph, the four nights on the Bunkabus was the highlight of our two weeks in Ireland. You all have made our first adventure touring so much better than I had hoped for. Just a little luck that we discovered your Bunkabus, and we will depart with some memories to share for a lifetime. I look forward to returning for further adventures in Europe. You welcome and treat your guests as family. The food was fantastic, the cave was very comfortable, but the friendly attitude was the best.
Date of Posting: 12 Aug 2011Posted by: Will McBrideLocation: Alaska, USA
Be chartered Bunkabus for a trip to do a TV slot at an awkward hour during Cork Cycling Festival. We were able to sleep as we travelled and had plenty of space for meetings, craic and make-up! We all had a ball and the trip was one of the highlights of the week thanks to Mick's fantastic good humour, his deft breakfast making skills and the whole brilliant set-up of this dream machine. Truly can't wait for my next trip - I don't care where we're going once I have a place on the fabulous Bunkabus!
Date of Posting: 25 Jul 2011Posted by: Nicki ffrench DavisLocation: Ireland
i was on this great bus for a gathering of friend to just go to a concert and catch up with each other over a few beers but ohh what fun we had mick was great and gathering us all and brining us back to have our beer with no queing and the crack begin .beds very comfy and great to have us all under one roof even if some didnt sleep but what a weekend breekie lovely fair play mick diffo planning another trip hopefully before the year is out if mick will have us
Date of Posting: 4 Jul 2011Posted by: carol
I've stayed on the Bunkabus on two occasions now and both times it was an amazing experience!!! The beds were comphy, the company and craic was great, the tea, coffee and beer flowed!! Mick and Steph were amazing hosts and great fun altogether, good for serious chats and were up for the laugh and dancing! Jane is another amazing character and all were always smiling! I'd whole heartily recommend the Bunkabus to ANYONE, young and old alike and really cant wait for my next adventure on it!
Date of Posting: 10 Jun 2011Posted by: Heather Mulvaney
mike u genius, stephie u beauty, conor u madman, an absolute pleasure to meet ye and i for one will most certainly be meeting ye again in the future. for anyone else reading this, believe me folks dragons den would not pump the bunkabus tires. its a genius idea n if you havent been inside the care free, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere of the bunkabus u need to get up off ur arse n go see it. the very very best of luck with it lads, i have no doubt in my mind that wel be hearing about you all over the papers soon. drive on!!
Date of Posting: 10 Jun 2011Posted by: Tom King

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